Neem Oil

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100% Neem Oil, Cold pressed Unfiltered and Undiluted

BEAUTIFUL SKIN Great for minor skin irritations as well as nourishing healthy skin.

SCENT 100% pure Neem Oil has a unique earthy scent. Some people consider the scent unpleasant. You only need to blend a small amount into shampoo or lotions for skin care and hair care needs.

PLANTS Wonderful for plants and home gardening

RICH in Omega 6 & 9 Fatty Acids

Neem Oil has been used to treat health and beauty needs for centuries. Great for nourishing healthy skin and hair as well as helping to restore damaged skin and hair.

CONTAINS: 100% Pure Neem Seed Oil (Azadirchta Indica)


All of our products are all-natural with no synthetic additives to enhance the aroma, as found in many other cheaper alternatives.


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