Rose Bulgaria in Jojoba Carrier Oil Roll-On

Oct 14 2021 Tags: rose

One of the most feminine and divine smelling essential oils is Rose Bulgaria. We blend our Rose essential oil in Jojoba carrier oil to create an on-the-go beauty roller! It smells amazing and the beauty benefits are usually noticeable within 10 days. 

Rose Bulgaria in Jojoba Oil Roll On Aromine

Swipe the Rose roll-on 3-5 times across your temples, behind your ears, over your face & neck, across your wrists & under your nose to hydrate and replenish your skin. Use as often as you like!

I apply daily to my skin after spritzing Rose hydrosol. This replenishes, moisturizes, rejuvenates and refreshes my skin. I do not rub in, I allow my body to soak it up.

We create our products for ages 12 years and older. Keep in mind that essential oils and coconut oil can stain clothes and fabrics. Do not drink these blends - topical use only! Do not apply to tender areas, such as your eyes. Do not apply to open wounds or cuts. Wait for your skin to close before applying.