Heartburn Roll-On

Jul 26 2021 Tags: Aromine, Boost, Cold, Essential Oils, Immune, Natural, Prevent, Protect, Roll-on, Roller, roller bottle, Shield, Sick

From chronic to occasional heartburn, this roll-on eases the discomfort within 20 minutes! We blend Lemon, Eucalyptus & Orange Sweet essential oils into Coconut carrier oil to offer you a safe & convenient way to combat heartburn.

With a fresh and pleasant citrus scent, our Heartburn roll-on also serves as a pick-me-up! 

This is my husband's most used roll-on. He swipes the roller 2-3 times across the arches of his feet before bed to keep heartburn at bay. He was using daily medication every night before bed to prevent heartburn and indigestion - until we created Heartburn roll-on! For 2 months he faithfully applied Heartburn roll-on to his feet and across his neck/chest area. Now he only uses Heartburn roll-on to prevent the unpleasant effects of heartburn when he eats problematic foods.  

If you are planning on a pasta/pizza/wine dinner, you can swipe the roll-on across your chest, on the arches of your feet and across the insides of your wrists before you dine to help prevent heartburn. 

If you want natural relief for heartburn and indigestion, swipe 2-5 times across the arches of your feet, the insides of your wrists and on your chest in the mornings and / or at bedtime.

We create our products for ages 12 years and older. Keep in mind that essential oils and coconut oil can stain clothes and fabrics. Do not drink these blends - topical use only! Do not apply to tender areas, such as your eyes. Do not apply to open wounds or cuts. Wait for your skin to close before applying.

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