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Heartburn Roll-On

Jul 26 2021 Tags: Aromine, Boost, Cold, Essential Oils, Immune, Natural, Prevent, Protect, Roll-on, Roller, roller bottle, Shield, Sick

From chronic to occasional heartburn, this roll-on eases the discomfort within 20 minutes! We blend Lemon, Eucalyptus & Orange Sweet essential oils into Coconut carrier oil to offer you a safe & convenient way to combat heartburn. With a fresh and pleasant citrus scent, our Heartburn roll-on also serves as a pick-me-up!  This is my husband's most used roll-on. He swipes the roller 2-3 times across the arches of his feet before bed to keep heartburn at bay. He was using daily medication every night before bed to prevent heartburn and indigestion - until we created Heartburn roll-on! For 2...

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Focus Roll-On

Jul 23 2021 Tags: Aromine, bottle, coconut oil, concentrate, Essential Oils, focus, Roll-on, Roller

Focus is a blend of Peppermint, Orange Sweet, Sage, Geranium Egyptian, Lavender, Vetiver and Spruce essential oils mixed into fractionated coconut oil. It is super convenient and safe. Focus helps you focus on the task at hand.

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Mend Roll-on

Jun 18 2021 Tags: ache, Blend, bottle, coconut oil, Essential Oils, joint, Mend, mint, muscle, pain, Roll-on, soothe, wintergreen

Aches and pains in your muscles and joints? Aromine Essentials has created a Mend blend that soothes your achy muscles and joints! Our blend of German Chamomile, Tansy Blue, Helichrysum, Wintergreen, Camphor & Peppermint essential oils pre-diluted in fractionated coconut oil is ready to use as soon as you receive it.  This blend is specifically designed for muscle and joint pain. Swipe the rollerball 3-5 times across the achy area. Do not rub in the blend. Allow it to be absorbed by the skin.  It definitely has a medicinal scent. One of our customers applies it to his hands 15...

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Lavender Roll-On

Jun 18 2021 Tags: Lavender, roll on

Lavender reminds me of a mother - encouraging sleep, digestion, healing and happiness. Lavender promotes balance and wellness in every arena of your life.

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Peppermint Roll-On

Jun 18 2021 Tags: peppermint, roll on

Peppermint (mentha piperita) is a priceless friend - it can transform your outlook from negative to optimistic, cheer up your blah moods, help you focus on a task, and calm you down. Peppermint seems to pull you to your happy place, whether you are up, down, left or right. It helps center you. There are a handful of essential oils that offer several benefits for daily use. Peppermint is one of the most popular essential oils for a reason - it helps combat stomach aches, bad breath, tight muscles, mental fatigue, headaches, colds, congestion & depression. Peppermint also boosts your mood, helps you focus...

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How to use Essential Oil Roll-On Bottles

Jun 18 2021 Tags: roll on

How to use Essential Oil Roll-On bottles Roll-Ons (aka rollers, roll-on bottles, roller bottles) are glass bottles with roll-on caps that are typically filled with carrier oils, perfumes and / or essential oils. They are super convenient to apply, to carry and to keep.Aromine Essentials offers a variety of 10ml bottles with plastic roll-on caps. Filled with a blend of essential oils and diluted in fractionated Coconut Oil, our roll-ons are safe to use right out of their packaging! We do not use additives - including perfumes - only pure essential oils and pure coconut oil. We chose the 10ml...

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