Focus Roll-On

Jul 23 2021 Tags: Aromine, bottle, coconut oil, concentrate, Essential Oils, focus, Roll-on, Roller

Do you have a big project that you want to tackle? Scatter-brained? Distracted?

Aromine Essentials offers a Focus roll-on to help reign in your wandering mind. Our blend of Peppermint, Orange Sweet, Sage, Geranium Egyptian, Lavender, Vetiver and Spruce essential oils diluted in fractionated coconut oil is delightful!

Focus Roll On Temple

Focus roll-on encourages your mind to harness its thoughts and complete your to-do list. Simply swipe the roller ball 2-5 times across your temples, behind your ears, onto the inside of your wrists and on the arches of your feet.  The scent is soothing, grounding and earthy.

Most customers use Focus before exams. If you have assignments due, or a week of upcoming tests, buy a Focus roll-on to help! The 10ml bottle is convenient to carry in your pocket or purse. Since it is pre-diluted on fractionated coconut oil, it is safe to apply onto your skin right away!

I use Focus almost daily between Thanksgiving and New Years - those fun 6 weeks of visitng with family and friends! I swipe the Focus blend any time I am running errands, hosting events or studying for a test.

We create our products for ages 12 years and older. Keep in mind that essential oils and coconut oil can stain clothes and fabrics. Do not drink these blends - topical use only! Do not apply to tender areas, such as your eyes. Do not apply to open wounds or cuts. Wait for your skin to close before applying.

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