How to use Essential Oil Roll-On Bottles

Jun 18 2021 Tags: roll on

How to use Essential Oil Roll-On bottles

Roll-Ons (aka rollers, roll-on bottles, roller bottles) are glass bottles with roll-on caps that are typically filled with carrier oils, perfumes and / or essential oils. They are super convenient to apply, to carry and to keep.

Aromine Essentials offers a variety of 10ml bottles with plastic roll-on caps. Filled with a blend of essential oils and diluted in fractionated Coconut Oil, our roll-ons are safe to use right out of their packaging! We do not use additives - including perfumes - only pure essential oils and pure coconut oil. We chose the 10ml bottles because they are small enough to carry in your pocket.

We recommend 3-5 swipes on:

on your temples

Aromine Respiration Roll On Temple
inside of your wrists
Aromine Chill Roll On Wrist
behind your ears

Aromine Lavender Roll On Ear
On the arches of your feet

Aromine Sleep Roll On Foot

and in some instances, on the area of your body that needs relief - your chest, belly, muscles and joints.
Aromine Heartburn Roll On Chest
Swipe the roll on directly onto your skin and let it sit. There is no need to rub in the oils. Thin skin absorbs our oils quickly, so these spots work best. Even after the scent fades, the properties of the oils keep working.

Some people use our roll-on blends to enjoy the scent. Just smelling these essential oil blends encourages a response from your body - whether its to rest, focus, de-stress or chill out. Peppermint is refreshing and energizing. Lavender can help calm anxieties and encourage relaxation.

Use as often as you like! Right now, my 2 favorite roll-ons are Chill and Respiration. I use these roll-ons daily. One 10ml bottle lasts 4-6 weeks for me.

We create our products for ages 12 years and older. Keep in mind that coconut oil and essential oils can stain clothes and fabrics. Do not drink these blends - for topical use only! Do not apply to tender areas, such as your eyes. Do not apply to open wounds or cuts. Wait for broken skin to close before applying.

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