Peppermint Roll-On

Jun 18 2021 Tags: peppermint, roll on

Aromine Peppermint Roll On wristPeppermint (mentha piperita) is a priceless friend - it can transform your outlook from negative to optimistic, cheer up your blah moods, help you focus on a task, and calm you down. Peppermint seems to pull you to your happy place, whether you are up, down, left or right. It helps center you.

There are a handful of essential oils that offer several benefits for daily use. Peppermint is one of the most popular essential oils for a reason - it helps combat stomach aches, bad breath, tight muscles, mental fatigue, headaches, colds, congestion & depression. Peppermint also boosts your mood, helps you focus and encourages blood circulation.Aromine Peppermint Roll On wrist 1

Aromine Essentials offers a Peppermint roll-on blend of peppermint (mentha piperita) essential oil pre-diluted in fractionated coconut oil. Our roll-on helps clear sinuses, curb & prevent headaches, relieve aches and cheer up a blah mood, encouraging a positive outlook. Since its blended into the coconut oil, our peppermint roll-on is safe to use as frequently as you like!

Apply the roll-on by swiping the rollerball 3-5 times across your temples, behind your ears, on the inside of your wrists and the arches of your feet. These thin-skinned spots make it easy for the body to absorb the oils. If you have a sore muscle or joint, swipe the blend on the achy area to help soothe the pain.

*If peppermint isn't offering relief for achy muscles/joints, try our Mend roll-on*

I personally swipe my Peppermint roll-on under my nostrils. The scent energizes me!

We create our products for ages 12 years and older. Keep in mind that essential oils and coconut oil can stain clothes and fabrics. Do not drink these blends - topical use only! Do not apply to tender areas, such as your eyes. Do not apply to open wounds or cuts. Wait for your skin to close before applying.

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